Outsourcing of field test services for mobile devices.

Realtest - Field test in Brazil

About us:
  • Field test on wireless devices in Brazil and Latin America.
  • Consulting for ODMs and OEMs in testing and homologation of mobile devices.
  • Several years of experience in field test all over Latin America and Africa.
  • Experienced engineers spread all over Latin America.
  • Strong technical knowledge and organization on test reports.
  • Dozens of mobile devices tested and certified over the last decade.
Realtest is in the mobile development market for over a decade. We are proud we helped in the development of several devices that made the world more connected.

The "Realtest" - Field Test Cycle:

* The process may differ if requested by customer.
** The period of a test cycle may vary depending on several conditions, like number of carriers to be tested, tests coverage, network problems, traffic and other.
***Not all reports have logs, screenshots and videos.
****Not all test processes generate issues, and not all issues list generates new software versions.
Initial and final software:
  • They are the initial and final software versions, there are potential software versions between them.
  • Test specification:
  • The main document in the test process, usually provided by the customer. Contains test cases and test steps that will guide the test execution.
  • Test results:
  • Information about the test execution. It is a description of activities, times, goals, problems and test results. They may be text description, logs, screenshots, videos or other evidences that may prove if a feature is working or not.
  • Issues list:
  • Information about issues, detailed description, steps to reproduce, information about reference devices and evidences.
  • New software:
  • This is optional for the customer, release a new software version with fixes for issues described in the list. This new software version would start over the test process.
  • Field Test Expertise:

    • Several years of experience testing devices for several vendors with many different chipsets including Qualcomm, Mediatek and others.
    • Strong technical knowledge in mobile network technologies such as CDMA, GSM, UMTS and LTE. Ability to understand, use and debug complex services in mobile networks.
    • Extensive experience testing mobile devices in carriers such as Vivo, Claro, Tim, Telcel, Movilnet, Digitel, Movistar, Vodacom, Orange and others.
    • Large experience in mobile network debug tools such as QXDM, Catcher, Elt, Logel, NSU and others. Ability to collect memory dumps, analyse network conditions and air messaging, configure network parameters, use devices in engineering mode and more.
    • Ability to work around common field problems like IMEI issues, driver problems, device flashing problems, misconfiguration and others.
    • Extensive experience in device certification in several telecommunications operators.
    • Experience with feature testing, translation (localization) and software maturity.
    • Several years of experience working with remote teams, time-zones and cultures.

    Realtest Team Brazil:

    • All our engineers have more than 10 years of experience with telecommunications and mobile testing. Our main actuation area is Brazil, however we attend all over Latin America and also South Africa. In Brazil our engineers are located strategically in the same cities as the carriers perform certification tests.
    • Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte e Curitiba.
    • Colombia: Bogotá.
    • Chile: Santiango.
    • Venezuela: Caracas.
    • We are located but not limited to the locations above, we can reach anywhere in Latin America.

    Infra-structure Brazil:

    DO NOT WORRY with something that is not your main focus! We have all you need:
    • Phone lines.
    • Vehicle.
    • Knowledge of test routes and traffic issues.
    • Local network experience.
    • Reference phones.
    • Engineers located in strategic places.
    • English, Spanish and Portuguese spoken.

    Contact us:

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    • Customs.
    • Test environment.
    • Carrier certification.
    • Regulatory agencies.
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